maxel transformer רול לגיג שוכב

maxel transformer רול לגיג שוכב

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Maxel makes its 10th anniversary of reel manufacture in 2013 with the introduction of its Transformer series of jigging reels , a range that quickly became a jewel in the company’s crown .

Now the popular series has been upgraded with a lighter 2018 version that delivers an improved level of performance .The advantage go beyond design tweaks and make a discernible difference to the reel’s handling and performance

The New Transformer Modifications:

- The side plate is now machined in an arc shape to provide more comfortable grip

- The  modified EVA oval knobs are lighter weight and more user-friendly

- The newly-designed handle shaft has an additional bearing to provide more and smoother cranking power . The shaft coating has also been upgraded from brass to aluminum.

- For the bigger models F60H(L) ,F70H(L) ,The side plate holding the gear box is thinner and lighter ,but still retain its  rigidity.

Features :

  • Lever controlled dual drag
  • Magnetic cast assist control for improved casting performance( for size 30/40/50 only)
  • Precision machined ,rigid ,one piece tempered aluminum frame
  • Super strong ,cold forged aluminum spool and side plates
  • Smooth ,high precision ,heat treated stainless steel helical cut gears
  • Super precise ,oversized ,shielded stainless steel ball bearings
  • Carbon dual drag delivered wide range ,smooth performance even when wet
  • Recessed stainless steel seat sits lower on rod
  • All models are silent line retrieve operation


  • Black/Light Gray
  • Silver/Light Gray
  • Gold/Dark Gray
  • Titan/Dark Gray
  • Pink/Light Gray
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