black hole pioneer slow jigging

black hole pioneer slow jigging

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NS BLACK HOLE Nano Carbon Slow Pitch Jigging Rod PIONEER

Slow pitch jigging rods are different from normal jigging rods.
They are similar to inshore rods with light tip as tip action of a rod is important for slow pitch jigging.
However, the strength of slow pitch jigging rods as well as rod action is important because you never know what you catch with slow jigging.

Slow pitch jigging has bee extremely popular in Japan and Korea in recent years. The Black Hole  slow pitch jigging rods like other Black Hole products are end result of accumulated experiences,trial/error by testing the rods extensively by field testers and feedback from thousands users for years.
It is said you can copy them, but you can not duplicate the performance. It is so true for slow pitch jigging rods.
Rod length:1.98m
Closed length:144cm
Rod weight:175g
Top Dia:1.9mm
Butt Dia:9.2mm
Lure weight:200g

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