Penn SLAIII 4500 HS Slammer III

Penn SLAIII6500HS Slammer III

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The PENN Slammer III is back by popular demand. Built for heavy-duty fishing from either boat or shore, and trusted by charter captains all over the world. The Slammer III reels feature our new IPX6 Sealed System which keeps water out of the gear box and drag system. We're also using our updated Slammer Drag System which now utilizes our proprietary Dura- Drag material.

• Full Metal Body, sideplate, and rotor
• CNC Gear™ technology
• IPX6 Sealed body and spool design
• Sealed Slammer® drag system with Dura-Drag™
• 7+1 stainless steel bearing system
• Sizes 3500-5500 have automatic bail trip
• Sizes 6500-10500 have manual bail trip

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